Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Thank You

Blogging worlds has been great fun. I want to say thank you to UBC's OrgComm for taking it in the spirit in which it has been intended, especially those who accidentally dropped a copy of the draw on the floor - you know who you are, and you're a gentleman. I want to thank anyone who bothered to read it and to comment in.

I especially want to thank the various people I had a chance to talk to over the debating days in an effort to get a comprehensive set of results for the higher echelons of the tab - everyone, from every country and University I spoke to was really nice, and having the excuse to come over and say hi was great!

Finally, I want to thank my girlfriend Doireann for her patience with me - she came over to Vancouver thinking she'd be an adjudciation widow and she ended up a blog-widow instead - Thank you!

Worlds Results

World Champions: Sydney G – Julia & Anna

Top Ten Speakers at Worlds:
1) Jess Prince
2) Sam Block
3) Josh Bone
4) Patrick Meaher
5) Will Jones & Adam Bott
7) Adam Chilton
8) David Denton
9) Alex Campbell
10) Jack Wright & Christopher Clerk

ESL Champion: IIU Malyasia A
ESL Top Speakers (The spelling is all over the shop!):
1) Said Hassan
2) Alkheim ????
3) Parat Sayta
4) Tamsin Elias
5) V Naranjan

EFLChampions : Singha A
EFL Top speaker: Masako Suzuki

Masters Champions: Quebec – Ali Dewji & Mathew Sinclair

Public Speaking: Michael Eielson I(s this spelt correctly)?

Best Comedy: Willard Foxton

Grand Final Draw & Motion

The draw fro the Grand final was as follows:

1P Cambridge C (Bob & Ronald)
2P Oxford D (Will & James)

1O Queensland A (Erin & Evan)
2O Sydney G (Julia & Anna)

The motion was:

"TTHBT economic growth is the solution to environmental problems"

If I had to call it, I think I would go for 2Prop. I mentiond to a few people at the end of day two that I thought they'd break first and never blogged it in case I was wrong. I regretted not throwing it out there when they did actually break first and my prediction was borne out - may as well risk it for a biscuit this time!

Clarification and Apology

It appears my post about Thai Night has caused some degree of upset to Kevin Massie. I understand that that post could be taken to mean that Kevin gave legal advice at a point in his legal career when he was not entitled to do so and when doing so could be considered a breach of a number of guidelines and standards. It was not my intention to suggest that this was the case.

I want to apologise to Kevin for whatever upset the post has caused him - Kevin and I have always had a good relationship, that has included a good degree of verbal sparring and barbs, but I have never sought to cause him upset and I hope that he believes and accepts that.

The post was intended to have some humour value - the humour is gone so the post is too.

Semi-Final Motion

"TTHW ban websites that glorify eating disorders"

I think this is a great motion.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

World Semi Finals

Revised Semi-Final Draw (revise d by me - i got it wrong first time!)

Semi 1
St. Andrew's A
Oxford D
Oxford C
Sydney G

Semi 2
Sydney D
Cambridge C
Queensland A
Alaska A

Congratulations to all those advancing, and commiserations to UCD L&H A who went down fighting.

ESL Final

The team advancing to the World ESL Final are:

IIU Malaysia A
National Law School of India A
Hebrew B